Update Passwords

Update passwords

Access and modification of sensitive data are protected by passwords. The protected data are grouped into three types, management data, personnel data and admin data, which require different passwords. When you first install JSEAsy, all passwords are set to totaltrack by default. It is important that you change the default passwords as soon as possible after installation.

Management Password

Management data includes JSEA Templates. Thus you should only divulge the Management password to staff members that are allowed to modify Management data, like JSEA Templates.

Note that the Management Password is also considered the “Master” password and it may be entered for any of the other passwords. It may also be entered as the current password for any of the other passwords when updating passwords.

Personnel Password

Personnel data (employees and subcontractors) may be viewed or a new employee/subcontractor entered without the use of a password. However the Personnel Password must be used to modify or enter data for an existing employee/subcontractor. This password is also required to update Licenses, Insurance and Qualifications lists for Employees.


Admin Password

The Admin password is required to update the list of Potential Hazards and Hazard Control Measures, modification of JSEA Templates, update of JSEA Qualifications, Duties, PPE, etc
Reset Passwords

If you forget one or more of your passwords, contact us at JSEAsy (TotalTrack Pty. Ltd.) and we can give you the sequence of steps that will reset all your passwords.