JSEAsy Features & Demonstrations

All versions of the JSEAsy Safety Software are for creating site specific Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS)

All versions also include Safe operating Procedures (SOP). 

The Premium Version is a total WHS/ OHS management system
JSEasy Main Options

The JSEAsy software is a database of:

  1. JSEA / SWMS/ JSA/ JHA templates for various job steps.  (These have been broken up into baby steps to avoid generic references) These Are the Main Process steps in the example JSEA / SWMS
    • The program comes pre-loaded with hundreds of templates
    • These templates can be modified
    • You can create new templates
    • You can import existing templates into new templates to modify and save as a new template.
  2. Your Jobs
  3. Your policies and procedures (Premium version only)
  4. Required Safety Registers (Premium version only)
  5. Safety related job forms (Premium version only)

With several different versions available, choose the one to suit you best.

 The Concept: To Create a Site Specific JSEA / SWMS (this could be for your worksite or principal place of business)

Explaining the terms

A Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) or a safe work procedure, is a part of a workplace safety plan. It is predominantly used to describe a document that gives specific instructions on how to safely perform a work-related task or operate a piece of plant or equipment. It is law to have work method statements, or similar, in place to advise employees and contractors on how to perform work related tasks safely

A Job Safety Analysis (JSA) is one of the risk assessment tools used to identify and control workplace hazards.  A JSA is a second-tier risk assessment with the aim of preventing personal injury to a person, or their colleagues, and any other person passing or working adjacent, above or below. JSAs are also known as Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) and Task Hazard Analysis (THA).

A Job Safety and Environmental Analysis (JSEA) is the same as a JSA but also considers the risks to the environment and control measures to minimise these risks.

JSEAsy  is an easy-to-use tool that enables manager, supervisors, foremen, task leaders or anyone to combine all of the above into one comprehensive document with ease.

View the JSEAsy Brochure (It is detailed and may take time to load on your link)

Create a comprehensive site specific JSEA in around 3 minutes
To Make a Site Specific SWMS from existing templates, view “JSEAsy demonstration 06 Create site specific SWMS”
To make a JSEA from scratch, view “Building a JSEA demonstration 7”

JSEA – SWMS made Easy

How it works:

  1. Create a job (Site you are going to be working at)
  2. Create a site specific JSEA / SWMS
  3. Pick from one of the hundreds of pre-installed job task templates or create your own and insert them into your site-specific SWMS

JSEA – SWMS Preparation Flow Chart

features Flow Chart