JSEAsy Cloud Hosted Safety Management Software

Combine JSEAsy’s amazing service and enterprise-level hardware with the reliability of delivering the JSEAsy Safety Management Software and you’ve got a winning combo.

Scalability, speed, and service that keep your infrastructure running 24/7/365.

Connect using a web browser for easy access from anywhere with an internet connection..

Simultaneous access is available for multiple people from multiple locations

Connect using a web browser for easy access from anywhere with an internet connection.

Cloud hosting for JSEAsy is available for Standard or Premium Versions

Access JSEAsy, from any device from anywhere with an internet connection.
Chrome OS

The benefits of using a cloud-based software over downloaded software


  • Cloud software is more cost-effective because it eliminates the need for businesses to invest in expensive hardware or software licenses.
  • With JSEAsy cloud hosted, everything is hosted in the cloud, reducing upfront costs and ongoing maintenance fees.

Reliability and Data Security:

  • Cloud-based software is more reliable than traditional software.
  • There’s no risk of data loss due to system crashes, as data is stored securely in the cloud.
  • Daily backups and redundancy enhance data protection.
  • 9% reliability

Accessibility and Flexibility:

  • Cloud software allows users to access applications and data from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • It’s not tied to a specific device, making it flexible for remote work and collaboration.

No need to download and install updates:

  • Updates and patches are seamlessly managed by the team at TotalTrack Pty Ltd, ensuring the latest features and security enhancements.


  • Cloud-based solutions can easily scale up or down based on business needs.
  • No need to worry about hardware limitations; resources are allocated dynamically.

Reduced IT Overhead:

  • Cloud software shifts the responsibility of infrastructure maintenance to the provider.
  • Businesses can focus on their core operations without managing servers and hardware.

Collaboration and Real-Time Sharing:

  • Cloud apps facilitate collaboration among team members, allowing real-time document sharing and editing.
  • Multiple users can work on the same project simultaneously.

Cloud-based software offers flexibility, cost savings, and improved collaboration, making it an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes!

Access blazing-fast cloud servers with low latency, ensuring swift data retrieval and seamless performance for JSEAsy applications.
The JSEAsy server is housed in a Tier 3 data center that provides redundant capacity components and multiple independent distribution paths, ensuring 99.982% availability.
With JSEAsy Cloud hosted Environmental Health and Safety Software you can create a site-specific SWMS from anywhere with an internet connection.

Customise your plan to suit your requirements

The JSEAsy Environmental Health and Safety software standard or premium cloud hosted version packages include a login for one user.  You can share the login amongst your team members but only one person can use the login at one time. 

You can order as many additional logins as you need for simultaneous access for multiple people from multiple locations.