Stop Work Authority Policy and Procedure

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WHS Form 117 Stop Work Authority Policy and Procedure

WHS Form 117 Stop Work Authority Policy and Procedure

The law enables workers to stop or refuse to carry out unsafe work if there is a reasonable concern they would be exposed to a serious health or safety risk arising from an immediate or imminent exposure to a workplace hazard.

All employees, regardless of position or seniority has the right and duty to apply the Stop Work Authority if, in their judgement, a condition or activity is deemed to be potentially hazardous and there is a risk of serious injury.

The Stop Work Authority (SWA) process involves a stop, notify, correct, and resume approach for the resolution of a perceived unsafe condition, act, error, omission or lack of understanding that could result in an undesirable event.

 This policy and procedure will provide employees, contractors and subcontractors with the responsibility and obligation to stop work when a perceived unsafe condition or behaviour may result in an unwanted event.