Select an Existing SWMS Template

Select an existing SWS template from the JSEAsy Safety Management Software

Select an Existing SWMS Template

When selecting an existing SWMS (JSA, JHA, JSEA) template you will have the option to open for read only or for modification.

Open for Modification

You will need the Management Password to open an existing template for modification.

The reason for this is because if you modify a template it will have cascading changes system wide. You will not be able to revert back to the original. 

Template are like protected documents. You should modify an existing template if you find a mistake or typo in it, or want to improve on it for all future use. If you need to tweak it for your specific job, then you should insert the template into your site specific SWMS and then modify it there. Any changes are then made in the job and the original template remain intact and protected.

If the Template is similar to what you want, rather than modifying it you are usually better off to create a new SWMS template, and then insert the template for the similar task, and then modify the new one. Then when you are finished you will have the new template as well as the original on modified template.

Search for SWMS (JSEA, JSA, JHA) templates.


Searching for existing SWMS (JSA, JSEA, JHA) templates

The selected industry type and Industry specific selection is not critical. It will only filter the searches by using these filters. For example if you have selected the industry type of Construction and the industry specific of Carpentry, then:

  1. The first drop down box will display a list of templates that apply to Carpentry as well as templates that apply to all trades.
  2. The second drop down box will display all templates related to the construction industry (every trade)
  3. The first key word search box will search the entire construction industry
  4. The bottom search box will search the entire data base for all industry types and industry specifics.



If you search the entire data base using the bottom search box, you may find templates from other industries which may be useful. A good example of this is the cleaning industry has many templates that can be used for other industries because everyone has to clean something at some stage.

If searched for “Hole” then you will find anything with the word hole in it. This could be drilling a hole with an electric drill or a battery powered drill. It could also be digging a hole, by hand or digging a hole with a power driven auger.

Use short key words or parts of words. For example if you searched for “deliv” you would find Delivery, Deliveries and Deliver. If you typed in the whole word deliveries you would not find deliver or deliver.

Try using different words, for example if you can’t find what you are looking for using remove, try searching for dem or demolish.

Modify an Existing Template

When modifying an existing template, you should always click in the Revisions number, Revision date or Revised By: Fields to bring up the revision history log.

By doing this you will maintain a register of who first developed the SWMS template, and every person and the date they made a modification to the template.

SWMS Template Revision History