How to change or replace a JSEAsy program file to a 64-bit version

When you install the JSEAsy safety management software for the first time or after upgrading your version of Microsoft Office you may need to also upgrade your JSEAsy program file to a 64-bit version.

For a new installation just download the JSEAsy Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Software from the link in your purchase confirmation email. install as per normal. See here for the installation steps

After you have run the JSEAsy safety management software installation file JSEAsy_Premium_setup.exe or JSEAsy_setup.exe.

There will be a folder on your Local Disk (C:) named JSEAsy. This will contain several files.

Copy and Replace

You just need to replace the file – JSEAsy.accdr with the new file, which it has the same name

Open the program from the desktop short cut 

For a new installation, you will now need to update your Product Activation Key (PAK)

After you have entered in your PAK you will need to update your defaults