New SWMS Template

Create a new SWMS (JSEA, JSA, JHA) template

From the Main Options click on, Create new SWMS template”

SWMS templates are protected documents of job steps, potential hazards and controls. These are inserted into your site-specific SWMS to build it for your job.

Create a new SWMS template

  1. Select a name from the list of employees to nominate who is developing this new SWMS template
  2. Enter in a work description. Note: this is one of the few exceptions to the rule where you can enter in a new work description or select one from the list.
    1. This is a description of the work or process. This is the description that you will search for to insert this template into a site specific SWMS.

The SWMS template form (v4.4)

New SWMS (JSA, JSEA, JHA) template

This is where you enter in details for your “SWMS” template. Note the reference to “SWMS” will change to “JSEA” or “JSA”, or “JHA” depending on the selected region.

You can build your SWMS from scratch, and you can also build it by inserting templates of the steps that you are going to take in the order in which you are going to take them. In a lot of cases you will make new templates by a combination of using existing, and tweaking them to suit your new task, as well as from scratch

A new template is automatically set to revision 0 by default

Watch a Video Demonstration on creating a SWMS template from scratch 


You can not print  “SWMS” Templates. Templates are job steps. Once you have made a SWMS template you insert it into a Site Specific “SWMS” from the job form. From there you will add in the job details and then be able to preview and print the completed SWMS

Look at creating a new site specific “SWMS” (JSEA, JSA. JHA) for information and tips on completing a site specific “SWMS”