Follow these steps to get started using the JSEAsy WHS Management Software

To start using the JSEAsy software and create your first site specific SWMS, follow these steps:

JSEAsy - The Solution!
  • You will need to add some employees to the database so that you can pick them from list as you progress.
  • You must add at least a supervisor and someone from management to get started. (This could be the same person or different people)
  • You will need to enter in a customer that you will be working for before you can create a site specific SWMS
  • If the Site specific SWMS is for your own premises or operations, just add yourself as a customer
  • Swipe over the customers default address and enter in the site address (If different to the default)
Create a site Specific SWMS
  • Select the people who will be doing the job/ undertaking the tasks
  • Select your leading hand, supervisor and the manager for the job
  • Insert templates of the steps that you are going to take, in the order that you are going to take them, to build your site specific SWMS
Preview/ Print the SWMS report report