JSEAsy version release notes

JSEAsy v4.4

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JSEAsy v4.3

  • Enhanced the auto resizing of forms to display as much content as they can in a window
  • Added maximise buttons to all forms/window
  • Changed the JHA report to display the revision date on the footer in lieu of the printed date
  • Added the JHA work description to the footer on each page
  • All legislation references will be removed from all existing JHA templates.  Legislation references are now a separate section. The Correct legislation reference will now automatically be inserted based on the selected delivery region when you set up a new job.
  • Added JHA template register arranged by industry type and industry specific (Preview/ Print button from the select an existing JHA template section)
  • New option to limit the JHA drop-down list of Potential Hazards to only Potential Hazards associated with the Industry Specific of the JHA
  • Added filters to Preview/ Print the OSH Forms Register by number, by type(category) or by title
  • Added 252 new JHA templates
  • Added new SOPs
  • Added 6 new OSH Forms in the Premium version
  • The site plant register form in the Premium version can now select items from the newly added master plant and equipment register and maintenance log
  • Enhanced the OSH Ste managements pans in the premium version to pull more information of the different areas in JSEAsy to make creating a new plan easier and quicker

JSEAsy v4.2

  • Updated the operating platform from Access Runtime 2007 to Access Runtime 2016
  • The JSEAsy software will now run using a full version of Access 2016 if you have it although it is not required
  • Information Icons have been added to most screen forms. These will take you to a related help page
  • The wording on the buttons on the software will now change to reflect the terminology used in your default region
  • New defaults for Country and States data includes all Australian States, U.S. States and Canadian  and United Kingdom Provinces as well as New Zealand
  • Most screen forms now have maximum and close buttons enabled.
  • Reports now have maximum and close buttons enabled
  • Added the ability to move up a Main or sub process step to any nominated location (Previously could only move up one) in a site specific JHA or when creating a new JHA template
  • Modified the Risk Matrix
  • Button are now rounded and change colour if hovered over to highlight a new selection
  • Added a tick box in the employee form for authorised for Supervisor and management review
  • Extended the business number (ABN) field to 20 characters in the customer form
  • Updated the list of licences and Qualifications
  • Added the ability to delete a licence or qualification
  • Expanded the allowable characters for licence numbers in the employee form
  • Modified the Insurances in the employee form
  • Changed the drop down for employee classifications when adding a new employee or subcontractor
  • Added the employee inductions and training matrix to the list of OSH forms (Previously displayed as a QA form)
  • Updated the list of training in the Inductions and training update
  • Expanded the allowable characters for CITB or training number in the employee form
  • Increased the allowable characters in the “Employed by” in a site specific JHA to 60 characters
  • Client (Customer) name now appears on the first page of the site specific JHA/ JSEA when you print the completed report
  • Added the ability to update the default regulators for your region in the Premium version
  • Added new JHA templates.
  • Added new SOPs
  • Added new OSH Forms (Forms, Policies and Procedures) in the Premium version

JSEAsy v4.1

    • Screen forms have been re-designed to fit on widescreen laptops that have a resolution of 1366 x 768. Some forms now may be re-sized by the user so they may be expanded when the screen has a higher resolution.
    • The Site Specific JSEA/ JHA form has now been split into two forms
      1. The header information and sign off list
      2. The job steps, hazards and controls (Process steps)
    • Added Employee Inductions and Training
    • Now keep the Industry Type and Industry Specific for each Employee which is used for Employee Classification
    • Added Site Specific Inductions
    • Added capability to delete an Employee
    • Added capability to delete an SOP
    • Improved site specific JSEA/ JHA layout
    • Added the ability to append employee licences and qualifications to a site specific JSEA/ JHA
    • Combined PPEs for SOPs with PPEs for JSEA/JHA (now one common PPE list)
    • Added keyword search for Job Description
    • Increased the maximum number of characters for Business Name from 50 to 80 characters
    • Increased the allowable number of characters for post codes (For international customers)
    • Enabled text overwrite for states (For international customers)
    • Added new templates. A full list of the templates included in v4.1 can be found here
    • Premium version contains OSH forms automatically customized by JSEAsy for your company
    • Enabled auto completing of many of the OSH/ OHS forms, procedures and policies in the premium version
  • JSEAsy v3.6.8

    • Added sample job and sample JHA/ JSEA/ JSA
    • Corrected a problem whereby you could get a “No Current Record” error when attempting to insert a JSEA Template into another template or Site Specific JSEA
    • Added new JHA Templates

    JSEAsy v3.6.7

    • Added “Hierarchy of Controls” on second page of printed JSEA/ JHA report
    • Added new JHA Templates

    JSEAsy v3.6.6

    • Added Job Contact info on first page of JSEA/ JHA report
    • Added new JHA Templates

    JSEAsy v3.6.5

    • Changed JSEAsy “Safety Supervisor” to “Management Review”.
    • Added new JHA Templates

    JSEAsy v3.6.4

    • Increased the size of the “Employed By” field in the “JSEA Sign Off List” from 30 to 50 characters to accommodate longer company names.
    • Increased the size of the elements of the Sign Off page on the JSEAsy report to allow word wrapping for very long sign off names or company names.

    JSEAsy v3.6.3

    • These Help Files Added with Help button on Main Options Form
      • Add New Customer
      • Add New Job
      • Create JSEA Template
      • JSEAsy Startup Steps
      • JSEA Work Procedures
    • Added access to the JSEAsy Users Guide from the Help File list.
    • Added a blank Process Steps page to printed JSEAsy report where extra Process Steps may be entered on site.
    • Added new JSEA/ JHA templates
    • Added “JHA” to text on JSEA Sign Off page

    JSEAsy v3.6.2

    • Fixed a problem that may occur when inserting a JSEA template when your data file is empty (first time entry).

    JSEAsy v3.6

    •  Enhanced the structure and simplified the relationships of the master lists and JSEA lists for Qualifications, Duties, Training, References, Plant Equipment and Safety Inspections
    • Added new JSEA/ JHA templates

JSEAsy v3.5.5

  • Modified the code for inserting a JSEA template to now check Qualifications, Duties, Training, References, Plant Equipment and Safety Inspections for duplicate text.  Previously JSEAsy only checked to determine if one of the items listed above was previously entered from a template from the same Industry Type and Industry Specific.  Since Templates may be selected from any Industry Type and any Industry Specific, we now check for duplicate text so as to avoid duplicate entries.

JSEAsy v3.5.4

  • Fixed a problem whereas you could not update the default Industry Specific associated with a selected Industry Type

JSEAsy v3.5.2

  • Added more options for selecting a JSEA Template.  The extra options give flexibility on how you may select a template based on all Industry Types, a specific Industry Type, all Industry Specifics, etc.
  • Added a new Industry Specific “All Trades” which applies to all trades for a selected Industry Type.
  • Added a new Industry Type “All Industry Types” which applies to all Industry Types.
  • Fixed a problem whereas an error occurred while inserting a JSEA Template.
  • JSEAsy report modified to update OHSW to OSH for current terminology

JSEAsy v3.5

  • Added JSEAsy Sign Off sheet for the JSEA Report.
  • Modified the structure for use of Duties, Qualifications, Plant Equipment, References and Safety Inspections
  • Added new JSEA/ JHA templates

JSEAsy v3.4.4

  • Updated Electrical Tagging colour definitions to current standards

JSEAsy v3.4.1

  • Fixed a problem when creating a new JSEA Template that would not automatically increment the JSEA Number because it was the first JSEA Template for that Industry Specific and there was no previous number to increment

JSEAsy v3.3.5

  • Fixed a problem whereas while inserting a JSEA Template a Hazard Control Measure may not be associated with the correct Potential Hazard
  • Added more blank lines to the JSEAsy Sign Off page to now allow up to 6 names to be added on site
  • Added new JSEA/ JHA templates

JSEAsy v3.3.3

  • Fixed a problem where PPEs and the Site OHS and W were not being copied from a template when being inserted into a new template
  • Added a couple of blank lines to the JSEAsy Sign Off page to allow names to be added on site
JSEAsy v3.3.1
  • JSEAsy now requires the Admin password to open the “Update Qualifications, Duties, etc.” form
  • Added new JSEA/ JHA templates

JSEAsy v3.3

  • Added the ability to select from a trade (Industry Type and Industry Specific) to add new entries into the JSEA Qualifications, Duties, etc.
  • Fixed a problem where a new entry to the List of Qualifications, Duties, etc. may not be saved

JSEAsy v3.2

  • Added automatic numbering of JSEAsy Sign Off entries

JSEAsy v3.1

  • Added capabilities for Qualifications , Duties and Training data.
  • Added Insurance and Licenses

JSEAsy v2.6.3

  • Fixed a problem where the JSEAsy report was not going to the default printer