JSEAsy Infographic

How JSEAsy Software works to help keep you Safe and Protected

The Concept:   To Create a Site Specific JSEA / JHA (this could be for your worksite or principal place of business)

Step 1:Add a new job and create a new Site Specific JSEA/ JHA

JSEAsy EHS software available for download or cloud hosted.

JSEA = Job Safety and Environmental Analysis
JHA = Job Hazard Analysis 

Step 2
From the site specific JSEA/ JHA, search for templates for the job step you are going to take

There are over 1000 JHA templated included in the JSEAsy Safety Management Software for a multitude of industries.

JSEAsy is like a filing cabinet full of job steps. These are called templates.
The idea is to pull out the steps that you are going to take in the order that you are going to take them and insert into your site specific JSEA/ JHA

Step 3
Insert the templates into your site specific JSEA/ JHA

over 1000 JHA Templates for Job Steps

Step 4
Print your JSEA/ JHA

Step 5
Get everyone involved in the job to sign off on the JSEA/ JHA

Build a Site-Specific SWMS with JSEAsy

Step 6
Stay safe and protected with JSEAsy Software