It only takes a few minutes to setup your defaults, then the JSEAsy WHS Software automatically builds all your policies and procedures for you. The JSEAsy Safety Management system will put all your management team into the correct policies and procedures into the correct places instantly.

The JSEAsy Safety System will reference the WHS/ OHS acts and legislation for your selected regions, as well as insert the safety (WorkSafe/ SafeWork) and Workcover regulators along with their contact details into your documents. You can instantly update these when working across boards by simply selecting another region.

All the different areas of the JSEAsy Safety Software are interlinked so forms will prepopulate using data entered in from other areas saving you time and aggravation.

Exceptional Value for money!

JSEAsy Premium Environmental Health and Safety Software

Introducing the JSEAsy Safety Management System

JSEAsy is your Key to Streamlined Safety Compliance and Peace of Mind!

Are you tired of drowning in a sea of safety paperwork and struggling to keep up with ever-evolving safety regulations? Do you want to ensure the safety of your workforce while also saving time and resources? Look no further than JSEAsy – the ultimate safety management solution designed to simplify, streamline, and supercharge your safety compliance efforts!

Comprehensive Safety Compliance

JSEAsy covers a wide spectrum of industries and safety regulations, making it suitable for businesses of all types and sizes. Whether you’re in construction, manufacturing, healthcare, or any other field, our system has you covered.

Customization to Your Needs

We understand that every business is unique. With JSEAsy, you can customize safety documentation and procedures to match your specific requirements. Tailor your safety plans, risk assessments, and work method statements to suit your operations perfectly.

Time and Cost Savings

Say goodbye to hours of manual paperwork! JSEAsy automates the creation of safety documents, slashing administrative overhead. This means less time spent on compliance paperwork and more time to focus on growing your business.

Stay Up to Date

Safety regulations are constantly evolving. JSEAsy’s team of experts keeps your safety documentation up-to-date, ensuring that you remain in compliance with the latest regulations, reducing your risk of costly fines and penalties.

User-Friendly Interface

You don’t need to be a safety expert to use JSEAsy. Our intuitive, user-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone in your organization to access and use the system effectively.

Effortless Reporting

Generate detailed reports and analytics with just a few clicks. Track incidents, hazards, and near-misses, helping you make informed decisions to improve safety in your workplace.

Enhanced Safety Culture

JSEAsy promotes a culture of safety within your organization. Empower your employees with easy access to safety information, training materials, and procedures, making safety a top priority for everyone.

24/7 Access from Anywhere

Access your safety documents and data anytime, anywhere, from any device with an internet connection. This flexibility allows you to stay connected with your safety management system on-site or off-site.

Outstanding Support

Our dedicated customer support team is here to assist you every step of the way. From onboarding to troubleshooting, we are committed to ensuring your success with JSEAsy.

Proven Track Record

JSEAsy has been trusted by businesses around the world since 2009. Our system has helped countless organizations achieve safety excellence and peace of mind.

In today’s world, safety compliance is not just a legal requirement; it’s a moral obligation to protect your employees and your business. With JSEAsy, you can take control of your safety management, reduce risks, and focus on what truly matters – the well-being of your workforce and the growth of your business.

Don’t wait until a safety incident occurs; invest in JSEAsy now and safeguard your future. Contact us today for a personalized demo and let us show you how JSEAsy can revolutionize your safety management system. Your business, your employees, and your peace of mind deserve the best – choose JSEAsy!

"Streamline safety with JSEAsy: Your ultimate solution for efficient safety management. Try it now!"
JSEAsy Premium Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Software Main Options

Comprehensive Workplace Health, Safety and Environmental (WHSE) Management System

JSEAsy Premium is a total WHS/ OHS management system

Safe work Method Statements (SWMS) – included!
Safe Operating Procedures (SOP) – included!
Safety Policies – included!
Safety Procedures – included!
Register and Inspection Forms – included
Job Related Safety Forms – included!
Employee details, licences, qualifications – included!
Inductions and training
– included!

You will never need to buy another Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) template, Safe Operating Procedures (SOP), Safety policies, forms or procedures. 

All this is and more is included when you buy the premium version. The full range of our WHS documentation is also included.

JSEAsy is the quickest, most cost effective way to manage your WHS responsibilities

Jason Jackson, Smart Building Projects


It saves me time and takes care of my safety obligations for me
Lucas Giancola, Lucas Building Services Pty Ltd
Compliance with JSEAsy

Comprehensive Workplace Health, Safety and Environmental (WHSE) Management System

Download the v4.5 WHS forms register
This is a list of all of the WHS forms, policies, procedures, registers and inspection form included in version 4.5 Premium (arranged by type)

Download the v4.5 SWMS template register
This is a list of all of the SWMS/ JSA/ JHA  templates included in v4.5 Premium (arranged by industry type and specifics)

Download the v4.5 SOP register
This is a list of all of the SWMS/ JSA/ JHA  templates included in v4.5 Premium (arranged by industry type and specifics)

The Premium version can be installed on multiple computers in the same office or in different locations. The program is a data base, so the ideal arrangement is that all of the PC’s in your office are networked together or you operate on a server.  If you have staff working from different locations the best option is to have them access your office server remotely to use the program. Or use our Cloud Hosted services.

The software is fully adaptive to suit and comply with your region!

When you set up your defaults for Country and state or province, the wording on the buttons will change to reflect the terminology used in your region.  All of the forms and policies will use the required information for your region including Legislation, Acts, Regulations, Regulators and their contact details.
V4.5 onwards have been pre-populated for:
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • United States of America
The JSEAsy Premium purchase is for a lifetime licence. You also have the option of Premium Cover which is an annual subscription for free support and upgrades.

Let JSEAsy do the work for you

Filling out forms in JSEAsy Premium is extremely quick and easy!

Most of the required information is automatically pulled from the different areas of the software to help you put documents together.  Job based documents, uses the job address and description from the main job form. Customer details, contacts, and employees are pulled in from a combination of the setup of the job parameters and drop-down lists.

Policies, Procedures, and Registers are mostly prepopulated using the default details when you set up the software. The software automatically pulls in the Acts, Regulations and Regulators for the selected region. It will put in your company details and responsible people all in the right spots automatically using the default setup.

Content is King

With many of the Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) programs available, you have to write your own safety policies, procedures and Safe Work Method Statements.

The JSEAsy EHS software comes prepopulated with a magnitude of ready to use policies and procedures, Safe Work Method Statement templates, Safe Operating Procedures, Plant and Equipment Risk Assessments and more.

Once you have entered in your defaults, The JSEAsy safety management software will then know where you are, who your people are and what insurances you have. The JSEAsy EHS software will then use this information to automatically fill out may of the Policies and procedures for you.

Your Company details, Letterhead and logo will automatically be inserted into the documents. Automatic, instant and professional branding for your business.

The JSEAsy Safety Software will automatically insert the applicable safety and environmental acts and regulations for your selected region. It will put all the right people in all the right places along with their contact details. It will insert the Safety and Workers Compensation Regulators for your selected region, along with their contact details.

Registers and inspections pull information from other areas of the software to help you populate information from dropdown lists.

  • There is an array of Safe Operating Procedures (SOP) included and ready to go 
  • There are multiple Plant and Equipment Risk Assessments ready for use
  • There are over 1000 safe work method statement templates ready to be inserted into your site-specific SWMS for any workplace or project
  • You can modify any of the above and add your own as well
JSEAsy EHS Software modules
JSEAsy Value Engineering

We're here to help!

We pride ourselves on helping and supporting our customers.  A full range of JSEAsy Software Learn and Support are available on our website to help you. Each form/ window in JSEAsy from v4.5 onwards has an information icon that will take you to a corresponding help page.

With every new premium purchase, we will help you set up your Letterhead and Logo. We will also give you a guided tour and help you get up and running via a secure remote shared screen session using TeamViewer remote support.