JSEAsy Cloud Hosted Version

Combine JSEAsy’s amazing service and enterprise-level hardware with the reliability of delivering the JSEAsy Safety Management Software and you’ve got a winning combo. Scalability, speed, and service that keep your infrastructure running 24/7/365.

Connect using a web browser for easy access.

Simultaneous access is available for multiple people from multiple locations

JSEAsy in the Cloud

Cloud hosting for JSEAsy is available for Standard or Premium Versions

Access JSEAsy, from any device from anywhere with an internet connection.
Chrome OS

Carrier Class Business Grade Services

Utilise the power and infrastructure of our resources. In addition to access to the JSEAsy safety software, we also offer:

Hosted Exchange Email
Build trust with a professional you@yourcompany.com email address. We offer everything your business needs to access your emails, contacts, and calendar from anywhere, on any device.

Our email exchange service gives you the ability to synchronize an email account across all devices. You’ll be able to manage your emails, contacts, and calendar for your phone and PC without duplication. If you delete an email on your phone, it will instantly be deleted on your desktop, if you add an event to your calendar from your phone, the event will appear on your desktop too.

Hosted Remote Windows Desktop
Move your desktop to the cloud. Access from anywhere with any device.

Option to include Office 365 as well as install your favourite business software.
Backed up daily, secure and 99.9% reliability

JSEAsy Cloud Servers