Plant and Equipment Risk Assessments

Plant and Equipment Risk Assessments (PERA)

Plant is a major cause of workplace death and injury in Australian workplaces. There are significant risks associated with using plant and severe injuries can result from the unsafe use of plant, including:

  • limbs amputated by unguarded moving parts of machines
  • being crushed by mobile plant
  • sustaining fractures from falls while accessing, operating or maintaining plant
  • electric shock from plant that is not adequately protected or isolated
  • burns or scalds due to contact with hot surfaces, or exposure to flames or hot fluids.

Other risks include hearing loss due to noisy plant and musculoskeletal disorders caused by manually handling or operating plant that is poorly designed.

The Plant and Equipment Risk Management Forms and Safe Work Procedure templates have been designed as generic guides to assist workplaces with assessing plant risks and developing safe work procedures. These documents should be used as a guide only and do not mitigate the requirement to assess plant risks and develop safe work procedures that are appropriate for the plant within your environment.

A plant and equipment risk assessment is important because it helps to identify potential hazards and risks associated with the use of plant and equipment in the workplace and to implement controls to reduce the risk of injury or damage. It also helps to ensure that the plant and equipment are used safely and that the risks associated with their use are minimized.

All versions of the JSEAsy Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) software come preloaded with several Plant and Equipment Risk Assessments for various items of plant and equipment.  Using the JSEAsy safety management software you can easily create additional PERAs to build an endless library of PERAs. 

You can purchase individual PERAs as standalone documents from us as well.

PERA 001 Excavator
PERA 002 Render Mixing Pump
PERA 003 Telehandler
PERA 004 Forklift
PERA 005 Diesel-Powered High-Pressure Water Jet
PERA 006 Diesel walk-behind floor saw
PERA 007 Petrol-Powered Masonry Ring Saw
PERA 008 Petrol-Powered Masonry Chainsaw
PERA 009 Electric masonry wall saw
PERA 010 Core Drill
PERA 011 Petrol-Powered Quick Cut Demolition Saw
PERA 012 Water Truck