WHS / OHS Documentation customised and branded for your company

To help monitor the health and safety performance of your business and meet your legal obligations, you need to keep records of your work health and safety (WHS) activities.

The documents will be customised for your business and the state or region you operate in. They will reference the applicable Act, Legislation and the regulator for your region.

Whether you operate under the OHS Act or the WHS Act or the Health and Safety at Work Act we’ve got you covered.

All of our WHS forms are included in the JSEAsy Premium Version or can be purchased individually.


Buy all forms and receive a 10% discount off your total order!

Send us an electronic copy of your letterhead and logo and we will send the documents back to you customised for your company as PDF documents and as MS Word templates.

Work Health and Safety / Occupational Health and Safety Records from JSEAsy:

WHS – Form 32 – Working at Heights Policy
WHS – Form 33 – Drugs and Alcohol Policy
WHS – Form 34 – Harassment, Discrimination and Workplace Bullying Policy
WHS – Form 35 – Horizontal Safety Line Inspection
WHS – Form 36 – Daily Toolbox & Attendance
WHS – Form 37 – Manual Handling Policy
WHS – Form 38 – Work tools & equipment checks policy and procedure
WHS – Form 39 – Fall From Height – Emergency Response Procedure –– if access equip on site
WHS – Form 40 – Fall From Height – Emergency Response Procedure – No access equip on site
WHS – Form 41 – EWP – Emergency Response Procedure
WHS – Form 42 – Project Plant and Equipment Register
WHS – Form 43 – Project WHS Management Plan Sub Contractor
WHS – Form 44 – Site Induction Register
WHS – Form 45 – Harness Kit Register
WHS – Form 46 – Task observation Works Safety Inspection
WHS – Form 47 – Project WHS Management Plan Head Contractor
WHS – Form 48 – Employee Training and Inductions Matrix
WHS – Form 49 – First Aid Kit inspection checklist
WHS – Form 50 – First Aid risk assessment and procedure
WHS – Form 51 – Hazard and Risk Management Procedure
WHS – Form 52 – Subcontractor WHS & Environmental Compliance Questionnaire
WHS – Form 53 – Hazard Report Form
WHS – Form 54 – WHS Manual
WHS – Form 55 – WHS Policy (Cleaning Industry)
WHS_ Form 56_ Portable RCD Test Logbook
WHS_ Form 57_Vehicle Hoist Service Report
WHS_Form 58_ Incident Reporting Procedure
WHS_Form 59_Fitness for Work – Testing Protocol and Policy
WHS_Form 60_Plant and Equipment Register
WHS_Form 61_Portable Ladder Inspection
WHS_Form 62_Chain of Responsibility (CoR) Policy and Procedure

Coming soon with v4.6 Premium. These are available to buy individually now:

WHS – Form 75 Work Health Safety Objectives and Targets
WHS – Form 76 Work Health Safety Performance Targets and Assessment
WHS – Form 77 Work Health Safety Management Review Meetings
WHS – Form 78 Annual Training Program
WHS – Form 79 Environmental Risk Assessment checklist
WHS – Form 80 Fall from Heights Rope Access Emergency Response Procedure
WHS – Form 81 Management of Change
WHS – Form 82 Firearms and Suppressors Policy and Procedure
WHS – Form 83 Environmental Risk Assessment
WHS – Form 11 – Project MSDS Register
WHS – Form 12 – Project Hazardous Substances Register
WHS – Form 84 Speed Management Policy and Procedure
WHS – Form 85 Gross and Axle Weights Policy and Procedure
WHS – Form 86 Heavy Vehicle Loading Procedure
WHS Form 87 Inclement Weather Policy
WHS Form 88 Truck and Trailer daily checklist
WHS Form 89 Accident or Incident Register
WHS Form 90 Employment Agreement
WHS Form 91 New Employee Details
WHS Form 92 Code of Conduct
WHS Form 93 Risk Assessment
WHS Form 94 Boat or Vessel Induction
WHS Form 95 Demolition Work Management Plan – Lead Removal 
WHS Form 96 Two Minute Site-Specific Risk Assessment
WHS Form 97 High Pressure Equipment Inspection Checklist
WHS Form 98 New Employee Induction
WHS Form 99 PPE Inspection
WHS Form 100 Modern Slavery Policy
WHS Form 101 Modern Slavery and Trafficking Supplier Questionnaire
WHS Form 102 Lock Out Tag Out Procedure
WHS Form 103 Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP) Familiarisation Checklist
WHS Form 104 Emergency Response Plan
WHS Form 105 Notice to Neighbours Demolition or Building Work About to Commence
WHS Form 106 SWMS Review Checklist
WHS Form 107 Confined Space Entry Permit
WHS Form 108 Lift and Elevator Emergency Response Procedure
WHS Form 109 Mass Dimension and Load Restraint Policy
WHS Form 110 Life Saving Rules
WHS Form 111 WHS Management System Internal Audit
WHS Form 112 Hazardous Substances and Dangerous Goods Policy and Procedure
WHS Form 112 Roof Access Procedure