JSEA / SWMS templates

SWMS/ JSA/ JSEA / JHA templates

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It saves me time and takes care of my safety obligations for me
Lucas Giancola, Lucas Building Services Pty Ltd

To have this level of attention to detail in a safe work method statement is just so professional!
John Kennedy, J&E Window Cleaning

Very helpful , I highly recommend , just give Scott a call if you are stuck
Joe Crossingham, Hex Constructions Pty Ltd

JSEAsy Safety Software

Our software is an easy to use software package that enables manager, supervisors, foremen, task leaders or anyone to combine a JSA, JHA, Risk Assessment, JSEA and SWMS into one comprehensive document with ease.

Don’t get sucked in to paying a fee every time you want to create or print a site specific JSEA/JSA/JHA or SWMS. With JSEAsy you can create/ print/ save an infinite number of site specific JSEAs or SWMS with the software. 

No need to buy a different SWMS template for every different job task, with JSEAsy safety software they are all included in the software package.
Once created you can print a report generated from the JSEAsy Health Safety and Environmental (HSE) software.

Download an example of a Full Report

Download an example of a Simplified Report

Download the JSEAsy v4.5 SWMS template register

JSA – Job Safety Analysis
JSEA – Job Safety and Environmental Analysis 
JHA – Job Hazard Analysis
SWMS – Safe Work Method Statement

The main points in this example SWMS are templates that have been inserted into the “Site Specific JSEA/ SWMS” to build it.  

When you insert a template it automatically brings with it:

  1. The sub process stems associated in undertaking the task
    1. The potential hazards associated with undertaking the task 
    2. The Risk Rating for undertaking the task 
    3. The Hazard Control measure 
    4. The revised risk rating after applying the control 
    5. Any required PPE
    6. Any applicable licences or qualifications required 
    7. Any pre operational inspections required 
    8. Any applicable legislation or codes of practice 
Note: you can also delete or add any of these with a simple click
See JSEAsy features and demonstrations for  video demonstrations on how this works.