Chain of Responsibility (CoR) Policy and Procedure

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WHS Form 62 Chain of Responsibility (CoR) Policy and Procedure

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WHS Form 62 Chain of Responsibility (CoR) Policy and Procedure – WHS documentation, customised for your business by JSEAsy

The purpose of the policy is to provide guidance to your staff on the CoR and:

  • Improve safety
  • Improve compliance
  • Require parties to manage risk
  • Create a level playing field and increase productivity
  • Protect against the demands of off-road parties that can lead to breaches of the law
Introduction. 3
Purpose. 3
Outcome. 3
Scope. 3
Policy. 3
Driver Fatigue. 4
Fatigue Management 4
Speed. 4
Speed Management 4
Load Restraint 4
Mass and Dimension Limits. 4
Who is included in the Chain? 4
Consigning. 4
Packing. 4
Loading. 4
Driving. 4
Operating. 4
Receiving. 5
Responsibilities. 5
PCBU responsibilities: 5
Manager/ Operator/ Scheduler responsibilities: 5
Consignor/consignee responsibilities. 6
Loading manager/loader/packer responsibilities. 6
Driver responsibilities. 6
Breaching the Policy. 6
Raising Concerns. 7
Related Policies. 7
Acknowledgement form. 8


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