The JSEAsy Software

So simple to use you will be amazed!

All versions of the software are for creating site specific risk assessments known as:

Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS)
Job Hazard analysis (JHA)
Job Safety Analysis (JSA)
Job Safety and Environmental Analysis (JSEA) 
Job Risk Assessment (JRA)
Job Task Analysis (JTA)

JSEAsy software comes preloaded with hundreds of ready to use templates for a myriad of industries. 

Safe Operating Procedures (SOP).  Also know as Safe Work Procedures (SWP)

The Premium package incorporates the above with all Safety Policies, Procedures, Registers, and forms. All your WHS/ OHS/ OSH/ EHS/  requirements in one easy to use location.

The JSEAsy software adapts to your region. v4.3 of the JSEAsy software will automatically display the terminology and use the regulators, Acts and Regulations for your selected region when you set your defaults.