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JSEAsy for New Zealand

The New Zealand version of the JSEAsy software has been developed to help you comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 (HSWA)

HSWA requires work-related health and safety risks to be managed. This means taking into consideration the potential for work-related health conditions as well as the injuries that could occur.

Health conditions can include both physical and psychological acute or long-term illnesses.

We are currently building a new site dedicated to New Zealand. The new site will reflect the terminology and focuses of New Zealand.

The JSEAsy EHS Management Software has already been customized for New Zealand, and soon this website will as well. 

The new site will show all priced in NZD and all transactions will be in NZD.

You can browse in detail and purchase the product on our Australian site which are shown in AUD or alternatively you can browse and purchase the product in detail on our US site which are shown in USD

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JSEAsy safety software dedicated-Canada site comming soon