Electrical Safety

We all use electricity pretty much every day. An electric shock can cause serious injury or death. Shock happens when electricity goes to ground through your body. Physical contact with energised wiring or devices is the most common cause of an electric shock

An electric shock is the tingling sensation or muscular contraction that a person experiences when some electrical current passes through the body. An electric shock can severely burn or kill if the muscle contraction is severe enough to stop the heart. This muscle contraction will in many cases cause the victim to remain firmly gripped to the source of electrocution, particularly where power tools or leads are being used

It’s not just the electricity itself that kills or injures. In some cases, it’s part of a chain of events that has serious consequences. Workers getting a startling zap from their equipment could, for instance, fall from a ladder or scaffolding. Faulty equipment can also cause a fire that puts everyone at risk.

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