Portable electric Drill SOP

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SOP 001 Portable Electric Drill

SOP 001 Portable Electric Drill

It is important to have a safe operating procedure for an electric drill to minimize the risk of accidents and injuries. A safe operating procedure outlines the steps that should be taken before, during, and after using an electric drill. These steps include checking the power lead and plug for damage, ensuring the drill bit is correctly fitted, and examining the material to be drilled for splits, loose knots, and nails, among other things. The procedure also includes operational safety checks such as holding the drill firmly with both hands to control operational accuracy and the rotational torque, keeping hands and fingers well clear of moving parts, and avoiding blocking and covering the motor ventilation slots with your hands. Additionally, the procedure includes housekeeping steps such as switching off the drill at the end of work and leaving the work area in a clean and tidy condition.